Ecuadorian couple crowned as the oldest in the world

Ecuadorian couple crowned as the oldest in the world

Ecuadorian husband and wife crowned as the oldest couple of the world. Image Courtesy – The Guardian

Ecuadorian husband and wife crowned as the oldest couple of the world by Guinness World Records. A couple living in Quito, the capital of the South American country Ecuador, have been considered as the oldest couple. Julio Mora and his wife Valdramina Quinteros have a combined age of 215 years. The couple left behind Charlotte Henderson and John Henderson of Austin of Texas. Their combined ages were 212 years and 52 days.

Due to long life, this couple has also seen their fifth generation. Their four children are living. They have 11 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. The couple also has a child in the fifth generation. Both seem attractive at this stage of age and their health is also better. However, they have also been affected mentally by the worldwide epidemic. Their relatives say that the couple is a little disappointed because they are away from their family due to the pandemic.

The married life of Julio and Waldramina is also a record. They have been together for 79 years as husband and wife. They married in 1941. At that time his family was against his marriage. So he married away from the family in a Spanish church. Mora was born on March 10, 1910, while Quinteros was born on October 16, 1915, and the two were married on February 7, 1941. Julio Mora is now 110 years old and his wife Valdramina Quinteros is 104 years old.

Both are now retired teachers and live in Quito, the capital of Ecuador where they received a certificate from Guinness in the middle of August 2020. According to the Guinness World Record, the two are the oldest married couple and no other age is so much at this time. The combined age of the two is just under 215 years.

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Their daughter Cecilia says that both are attractive and active, although they are no longer as agile as they were before. But for the last one month, they are a little different and disheartened as they are away from a family full of grandchildren.

Cecilia also says none of us has had them since March due to the pandemic. My parents want to be with their family. She also told that her father likes to watch TV and drink milk and her mother likes sweets and every morning she reads newspapers.

Some of the salient points we have assumed from the life-story of the oldest couple that plays an important role in their long life. They had a love marriage, both of them remained active during their youth, and maintained an active lifestyle throughout their life. Their mental sharing and understanding was very good and ultimately the glue that combined them for so long as the bonding of love between them. A recent study in the US has revealed that physically and mentally active people can combat many diseases that are likely to occur in old-age.

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