Dutch Singles Are Advised To Find Their Sex Partner During Lockdown Period

Dutch Singles Are Advised To Find Their Sex Partner During Lockdown Period

Dutch singles are advised by the government to find their sex partner. Image Courtesy – Prevention

Lockdown is taking place in countries around the world due to the deadly coronavirus. In the Netherlands, 43,870 people have so far been identified as COVID-19 positive, and 5,670 people have died so far.

Many people are feeling annoyed and lonely as they have been stuck at home for a long time. But considering the plight of those who are alone, the Dutch government has suggested finding a ‘sex buddy’ in the lockdown.

The country’s National Institute of Public Health and Environment says people who are currently single want to have a close relationship with someone – they can make such an arrangement with another person. However, if one of them is suspected to be infected with coronavirus, they should not have sex.

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The Dutch government says in a newly published consultation for citizens that those who have become lonely during the lockdown period wants to have physical relation also. However, if someone wants to have sex, they have to take precaution so that they do not get infected with the virus. It says they should only have a relationship with a ‘sex-partner’.

Counselling for couples suggests that if one of the two partners shows symptoms of coronavirus, they should find an ‘alternative solution’ like sharing sexually provocative stories or enjoying pleasure with masturbation.

Hair Dressers, Nail Bars, Massage Salons, Beauticians, Occupational Therapy, Library have been reopened from May 11, 2020, in the Netherlands. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told that the country has progressed in decreasing the number of infections and deaths due to coronavirus. The relaxation on restrictions came with effect after his statement.

The government issued the guidelines after complaints from the public that single people were not being advised to have sex while maintaining social distance in the Netherlands. It is warned that the more people you mix with, the greater the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

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