Durga Puja live from various parts of India and abroad

Durga Puja live from various parts of India and abroad

Meldonium is now a banned drug for sportspersons. Image Courtesy – http://www.durgapujaimages.in.

With the start of Durga Puja in this season, which is also the biggest festival in Bengal, newspaper and media coverages have become started accordingly. National broadcaster “Doordarshan” and many other regional television channels of Kolkata has planned to telecast this grand festival live from Kolkata, other parts of Bengal, other states of India and also from various countries like England, USA, Germany, Singapore etc. for the next 4 days. Apart from “Doordarshan”, “24 Ghanta”, “Akash Bangla”, “ABP Ananda”, “Kolkata TV”, “Tara News”, “ETV News”, “Channel 10”, “Ne Bangla” etc. are the prominent television channels of Kolkata that are working with their full-fledged team effort in these days.

An official of “Focus Bangla” told that they would invite singers to their studios. On the other hand, they would also visit houses of several celebrities for the puja and would be part of their home experience. A reporter of “24 Ghanta” said that they would try to cover all the important pujas from different places of Kolkata and outside so that people can enjoy puja activities live from indoors.

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