Debate started on Government’s name change from West Bengal

The Debate started on Government's name change from West Bengal

Debate started on Government’s name change from West Bengal. Image Courtesy –

West Bengal may soon turn out to be just “Bengal” if the state government can succeed to its direction. A major purpose behind a proposed name change is that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was encouraged up of speaking last, or regularly not in the slightest degree, at meetings.

In the recent Inter-State Council meeting, which started at early morning and endured till nearly 7pm, Mamata Banerjee was the last speaker. While other Chief Ministers got chances to represent their states with significant span of times, authorities said that Mamata Banerjee got just around 10 minutes and was very much disappointed with the meeting. The Chief Minister needed to impart various issues to the Prime Minister. In any case, it could not support the situation. When, she got the chance to talk each one was tired and nobody was intrested. One of the officials told that West Bengal, being the last state alphabetically, they have been consistently oppressed.

Her bureau on Tuesday concurred that the state, which is really situated in eastern India, ought to be renamed “Bengal” in English and “Banga” or “Bangla” in Bengali.

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Union minister Babul Supriyo of the BJP was inspired and said that it was an incredible and fantastic idea. He told that we have the Royal Bengal tiger. In the same way as other Bengalis, he was not all that cheerful about what could be the vernacular name for the state. In his opinion, “Banga” (pronounced Bongo) was an instrument people play and we should not have that name.

On the other hand, few more bengalies have the opinion that ‘Bangla’ is a term of local country liquor, and where the misconception may happen.

The current name of the state in English is “Paschim Banga”; and in Bengali it is called as “Paschim Bangla”. Most of the people are in favour for “Bengal” in English, and it will easier to make online applications.

Numerous Bengalis shared their hesitations saying that the option ‘Bangla’ was a term utilized for neighbourhood unbranded alcohol. The state is as of now called “Paschim Banga” or “Paschim Bangla” in Bengali.

Some are recommending a choice, notwithstanding, given the enormous open deliberation the name change has activated. Author Nabanita Deb Sen told that the name “Banga” was decent; however she also suggested 2 names like “Banga Bhumi” and “Banga Pradesh”. Another author put up a question for the reason of change. She told that a change of name would not change the state’s GDP. She also told that the term West Bengal had been our history since a very long time, our legacy. In what manner would we be able to delete that?

For Mamata Banerjee, it implies a hop up the line. She has regularly grumbled that she once in a while got an opportunity to speak in meetings since West Bengal came toward the end of the alphabetical list of 29 states.

The renaming will be examined at an all party meeting on 18th August and after that at a special session of the assembly on 26th August. The state’s Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee said the administration acted for the general population of the state, its legacy and culture and to propel its interests at the national level.

After independence and partition in 1947, the province of Bengal was divided into West Bengal which belonged to India, and the east part of the province became an Independent country, Bangladesh. The late author Sunil Gangopadhyay said about earlier attempt for the name change that if there was no existence of ‘East Bengal’, there should not be an existence of ‘West Bengal’.

Whatever be the nomination, the common people have to accept it. We hope that something will happen better which will help us to represent ourself all over India and also in the world.


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