Controversial statement by PDP MLA Aijaz Ahmad Mir

Controversial statement by PDP MLA Aijaz Ahmad Mir

Controversial statement by PDP MLA Aijaz Ahmad Mir. Image Courtesy –

Aijaz Ahmad Mir, a responsible person for making and changing laws of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party has created a controversy today. He described terrorist as “our brothers and martyrs”. Aijaz Ahmad Mir, who represents the Watchi constituency of Kashmir’s Shopian, told that the terrorists who belong to Jammu and Kashmir were their children, and we should not celebrate their death.

On interrogated by the reporters, he clarified in the way that he believed that terrorists were “brothers and martyrs”. He also told that he had sympathy for the security forces and parents of soldiers who were killed on account of terrorism.

Aijaz Ahmad Mir had an attack of terrorism a couple of months ago. Terrorists threw a grenade at his home, but fortunately nobody was injured. Though he named the attack as an ideological clash with terrorists, he commented in the assembly that the government of India should have dialogue with all the parties including separatists to resolve the Kashmir issue.

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BJP leader and lawmaker Ravinder Raina told that the statement of Aijaz Ahmad Mir was the subject of condemnation. He told that Aijaz Ahmad Mir has tried to glorify terrorism – he was actually playing with fire. Ravinder Raina also told that it was like ‘rubbing salt into wounds’ to the relatives of the people who were killed in Pakistan-sponsored terrorism since last 30 years.

Senior national conference leader Akbar Lone blamed on the PDP party that it has been playing dual character in Indian political scenario. On one side they are killing militants, and on the other side statements like this are coming from their MLAs. This kind of activities resemble like ‘kissing a frog and a snake at the same time’.

It may seem like a political battle in between the two parties, but it is a fact that being a responsible person of the Indian Assembly, and in charge of laws, one should not speak like this. A person like Aijaz Ahmad Mir should not forget his constitutional compulsions before making any comment.

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