Candle light rally – demanding justice for Sonika Chauhan

Vikram Sonica car accident

Candle light rally – demanding justice for Sonika Chauhan. Image Courtesy – ABP News Network.

A ‘candle light rally’ was taken out in the city today in the memory of model Sonika Chauhan who was killed in a car accident on April 29, 2017.

The ‘candle light rally’ was participated by friends of Sonika Chauhan, including those from the modelling and acting industry. Their demand was focussed on ‘fast and unbiased investigation’ of the accident. The rally finished before the Tollygunj police station. BJP MP Rupa Ganguly went along with the rally and lighted a candle for departed Sonika Chauhan.

Sonika succumbed to death and her partner Vikram, who was at the wheels of the car, got injured when the vehicle collided with roadside shops and flipped over after crashing on the pavement at Rashbehari crossing at about 3:30 in the morning.

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The police reserved Vikram for ‘rash driving’ three days back and allowed bail after he surrendered. Vikram also addressed media around the same time.

Sonika’s friends, associates, parents, relatives and fans are demanding for justice. They have already given a petition to Kolkata Police National Commission for Women, Kolkata police, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

They clearly demanded that a proper and transparent investigation must be carried out with willingly available witness statements and evidence. They made allegations that actor Vikram Chatterjee was telling lie that he was not drunk that night.

They have also mentioned about the video evidence which clearly showed that the actor Vikram was dancing with a glass of alcohol in hand in one of the parties on that fateful night.

They questioned why the mandatory ‘Blood Alcohol’ test was not carried out? Or, if it was carried out, then where was the report?

Sonika’s friends also asked some logical questions in the petition:

Why it was more important for him to call a press conference before surrendering at the Police Station? An ordinary non-celebrity would not be able to get away with him, so why was this citizen being given so much freedom?

This incident is haunting us to remember the 17-year-old ‘Abesh Dasgupta’ accident case, where his mother likewise made allegation that the police investigation was manipulated with the help of money and power.


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