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Backbone is called vertebral column. It gives support to rest of our skeleton. If due to some reasons, there is problem in vertebral column then we develop back pain, neck pain or sciatica pain. In middle and old age, people often complain of back pain.

Back pain, a gift of so called modernism, is caused due to carelessness, excessive labour, and anxiety, up and down sitting movement, bad posture while working or sleeping and so on. And in majority of females it is caused due to menstrual problems, hormonal changes or in some cases of pregnancy. Our sleeping bed also plays a much important part in developing or getting rid off from back pain. We will share few asanas and pranayama, if done regularly then you can prevent back or neck pain.

Asana affects our mind and body; our muscles become more soft and tender. These asanas also affects our endocrine and nervous system and controls other functional body systems. Here are some asanas and pranayama for back pain.


In this asana, our body looks like a snake, raising its hood. Hence, this is named so.


Lie on your stomach, thighs, knees and foot should be together, stretch your toes outwardly and keep your hands near your armpits, elbows should touch the ground. Now lift your upper torso above the ground, with the support of your hands, both elbows should be slightly bent and neck must be in backward position. Hold this position. Remember to keep your breath normal. Do not stretch your physical limits too much and now come back to normal. Practice at least 5 rounds of this asana.


This asana helps in neck pain, sciatica and back pain. Tonsils and thyroid glands also remain healthy. Stomach disorders are cured. It works like panacea in diabetes; and strengthens the ovary and uterus of the women. Back, chest, heart, neck, shoulder and muscles become strong. Liver is benefited.


Avoid this asana in hernia, ulcers or heart problems. Pregnant women should practice under the guidance of a yoga guru.



Lie down on your stomach, put your both hands under thighs, chin should be touching the ground. Both legs should be stretched and together. While inhaling left your lower and upper back along with head, neck and shoulder and weight of the entire body would be on our hands. Try to lift the thigh, as much as possible. Hold the breath and posture to your maximum and then come back slowly while exhaling. This completes one cycle. Practice at least for 3-5 times.


This is the best exercise for navel. Our chest and shoulder become strong and broad. This is good for digestive system and lower back becomes strong. This asana helps female in menstrual problem, uterus problems and in conceiving pregnancy. It cures semen related problems also.


Heart patients, high blood pressure patients, ulcer and hernia patients should avoid this asana.


Our body takes the shape of a wheel or charka hence this is named chakrasana.


Lie down on your back. Bend your legs and then with the help of hands and legs, lift your body in air like a wheel. Balance your hands and legs. Try to rest your body on toes. Hold this position for some time. And then come down. Practice it 3 times. Breathing should be normal.


This asana affects our backbone specially; it gives flexibility to our body also. It is a boon for artists and dancers. This asana gives us energy. It cures headache, stomach and back problems. It strengthens knees, thigh, wrists and palms.


Heart patients, high BP patients, pregnant women should avoid this.  It is difficult asana. So it should be practiced under guidance of yoga teachers.

4. MATSYASANA (Fish Pose):

This posture is dedicated to Matsya. Matsya means a fish.


Lie flat on you back keeping the legs straight on the floor with feet together. Bend the legs and put padmasana in the lying position. Carefully bend back ward, supporting the body with the arms and elbows. Lift the chest slightly, take the head back and lower the crown of the head to the floor. Hold the big toes and rest the elbows on the floor. Adjust the position of head and hands so that the back is arched to the maximum. Relax the arms and the whole body, allowing the head, buttocks and legs to support the weight of the body close the eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Stay in this posture as long as you feel comfortable. Return to starting position, reversing the order of movements. Do it one time only.


This asana stretches the intestines and abdominal organs and is useful for all abdominal ailments. The dorsal region is fully extended in this posture and the chest is well expanded. Practice of this asana is very good for asthma and bronchitis as it encourages deep respiration. The asana is very useful for the treatment of constipation, tonsillitis, spondylitis and disorders of reproduction system.

Caution: People who suffer for heart disease, hernia, ulcers, high BP and pregnant women should not practice this asana.



Sit in comfortable meditative posture. Keep the head and spine upright. Relax the whole body and close the eyes. Then with help of right hand thumb close the right nostril. Now breathe in through left nostril. Then close the left nostril with ring finger and release the pressure of the thumb on the right nostril while breathing out through the right nostril next then inhale through the right nostril. Hold and release the left nostril. This one round of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama Do it minimum 20 rounds.


This pranayama ensures that the whole body is nourished by an extra supply of oxygen, Carbon Dioxide is efficiently expelled and blood is purified of toxins. This pranayama increase vitality and lower level of stress and anxiety by harmonizing the pran. Nadi means channel or flow of energy and shodhana means purification. This pranayama is very – very good for stress and mental depression.


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