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Stephen Hawking to share his work with his FB followers

  • By Guest Writer |
  • Sunday, October 26th, 2014 |

Stephen Hawking joined Facebook, is definitely an exhilarating event for the science lovers. He has assured that he would share his work to his followers explaining what makes the universe exist through his Facebook postings. Hawking has written in his post that time and space might forever be a mystery, but that had not stopped his pursuit. He also said that today connections had developed till the infinity; and presently he has got the chance to share his journey with the people of the world.

A video of his posting shows that Hawking is accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge. Obviously his children did the dive on his behalf. He told that the event of pouring cold water over him would not be wise as he has got motor neuron disease for the most of his life.

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So, this is a great day for people attached with social media throughout the world. Queen Elizabeth II sent her 1st tweet, and now the world-renowned scientist has posted his 1st Facebook message on the 24th October, 2014. Although he joined Facebook on the 7th October, but he did not share anything till the 24th of this month.

It appears to be as a marketing policy for his upcoming film “The Theory of Everything as well” in his official Facebook page. Although no promotion is done for the movie so far, but his presence in the internet has enhanced the publicity of the film more rapidly. Thoughts of Stephen Hawking are still to be made more accessible to the followers, but 1 million people are already following his page within this short period of time.


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