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Sponsoring wrestling is good – but exhibition of fake match is not

  • By Shalini Gupta |
  • Friday, January 20th, 2017 |

Baba Ramdev showed his wrestling skills as he went head-to-head with 2008 Olympic silver medalist Andriy Stadnik in a promotional bout of the 2017 Pro Wrestling League. Image Courtesy –

We saw yesterday that Yoga guru Baba Ramdev crushed Beijing Olympic silver medallist Andriy Stadnik 12-0 in an exhibition match in ‘Pro Wrestling League season two’ on Wednesday.

Any sensible person in this country can observe the reality of the match. The match was actually a one-sided match. We could not see Andriy Stadnik to try to take an initiative to beat Baba Ramdev. Anybody who watched Olympic matches of Stadnik knows the skill of Stadnik. So, it is very much clear that Andriy Stadnik has acted like this by accepting a huge amount of money from Patanjali owner.

Watch Baba Ramdev Wrestling and beating Olympic Medalist Andriy Stadnik. Video Courtesy – Youtube.


2011 World Championship wrestling of 66kg group – Andriy Stadnik (UKR) vs Sushil Kumar (IND). Video Courtesy – Youtube.

Baba Ramdev is sponsoring Indian wrestling – is very good news for India and all the sportsmen connected to this sport. But the way Baba Ramdev is promoting himself has become very much doubtful.

Baba Ramdev is now 51 years of age, and Andriy Stadnik is now 34 years of age. But it has been projected in the match in such a way that Andriy Stadnik has no skill to beat 51 years old Baba Ramdev.

It may be assumed that Andriy Stadnik has been paid a huge amount of money to act like this. But, ultimately it is harmful for the Wrestling itself. Stadnik actually insulted the sports.

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Andrey’s spouse Mariya Stadnik was available in the stands. Mariya is also a wrestler from Ukraine but she represented Azerbaijan. She has won three Olympic titles in the 48kg classification including one bronze and two silver medals.

So, this self-promotion of Baba Ramdev is pathetic and ridiculous.


Shalini Gupta
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