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Origination Of Numbers

  • By Prof. Dr. Koosal Sen |
  • Friday, March 18th, 2016 |

According to “Vaisheshik philosophy” explained by Rishi Kanad, one of the 24 qualities which consist a matter is ‘number’. When we use the term ‘number’ automatically another word ‘Digit’ comes along with it. The term ‘Digit’ is derived from a Latin word ‘Digitus’ means finger.

When there were no words only few simple thoughts and symbols made domination in our livelihood, most of which were confined to survival. With these symbols, we have the clarity to ask deep about life & these symbols arbitrarily assigned to specific meanings to specific numbers.

Once people are introduced to language of numbers, it brings complexity in relationship, new possibilities & creativity. That is why Greek philosopher Plato rightly said:


There must be some specific causes or reasons behind origination of numbers because definitely they have not fallen from the sky! Following are the few logical causes:

(i) Primitive man must have expressed digits from 1- 20 with dots, circles & ten fingers of their both hands for safety measures when weapons were not invented.

(ii) Numbers may have been introduced to ascertain the timing of sowing seed in field during cultivation.

(iii) Ascertain ‘unit of time’ for Diurnal motion & Annual motion of the rotation of sun.

(iv) Most scholars of numerology believe that women species are accredited for invention of numbers for keeping an accountability of their menstrual days.

(v) When compass was not invented then movement from one place to another was determined depending upon the numbers of twist & angles on a particular piece of land. If one twist or turn is taken they must have counted one. That is why the concept of angle was taken to define numbers.

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Once people are introduced to language of numbers, it brings complexity in relationship, new possibilities and creativity. In larger perspective of life numbers help in preparation for the future, simultaneously it allows one to cultivate strength & overcome weakness. Slowly numbers were originated & introduced in the mainstream of our human civilization.


Prof. Dr. Koosal Sen
Prof.Dr. Koosal Sen, Ph.D in Applied Numerology from Bhartiya Vaidic Jyotish Sansthanam (Indian Institute Of Vedic Astrology), Varanasi; Vice Principal - Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy. He has established himself to a new standard for quality & depth of numeric analysis. He has developed unique personalised status in the field of Vedic Astrology & Applied Vaastushastra. Currently he stays both in Kolkata & Guwahati where from he use to write articles, offer lectures and do personal consultation with clients. Prof. Dr. Koosal Sen is also Member of All India Council of Astrologers and Indian Institute of Vedic Astrology, Varanasi.

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