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Mystical Presence

  • By Madhusmita Ray |
  • Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 |

Mystical Presence

Dreams enliven Hope
Hopes enliven Spirit

Touched by Destiny
Kissed by Divinity
My dreams become limitless
I feel the Mystical Presence

My dreams start to breed and multiply
When I gaze at sky
Stripping on the wall – my Soul
My heartbeat stole the silence
I feel the Mystical Presence

Life, a path of pain and pleasure
Tears become drizzling rain refusing to fall;
Fate smiles cruelly If you lose confidence
Lady luck smiles delightedly if you gain credence
I feel the Mystical Presence

Pain forgets its path
When in the rain of joy I take a bath
Every prayer of mine is a penance
Expressing deeply my repentance

My life will be yours one day
Till then let me have your Divine essence
I feel the Mystical Presence

From my life account you are reducing each day
Don’t deprive me from your kindness anyway
I am crippled by my swelling innocence
I feel the Mystical Presence

Oh God! Allow me a little pride
A little ego, a little attitude;
Chased by echoes of past, unbuttoning my memories;
Dreaming to reach the stars, hoping a tide of change;
Having faith on the power of His existence
I Feel The Mystical Presence


Madhusmita Ray
Mrs. Madhusmita Ray (M.Com, Shastri, Acharya) has keen interest in Astrology, Numerology, Tantra, Religion and also has knack for creative writing, interior decoration, singing, photography etc.

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