Max Verstappen comes of age as the youngest ever Formula One driver

Dutch 16-year-old Max Verstappen has become Formula One’s youngest ever driver. It was announced by the team Toro Rosso on Monday that he will be replaced Jean-Eric Vergne, a Frenchman in their panel in 2015.

Verstappen, is still too young according to Law to take a driving test in Netherlands. He will have to wait 1 year to get matured enough as per the Law for solo driving on public roads.

Jaime Victor Alguersuari, a Spanish guy was the youngest driver till date who made his debut in 2009 when he was of 19 years 125 days. Although Verstappen belongs to a racing family, the son of former GP racer Jos Verstappen, he created his resume very much impressive.

He has bagged a number of titles of Karts and Go-karts, along with the World Championship when he was 15 years old. He is now a challenger of European Formula 3 Title.

Team Principal Franz Tost said, “We consider Max to be one of the most skilled young drivers of the new generation and we believe he has the necessary maturity and mental strength to take on this challenge successfully”.

On the other hand thanking his sponsors Verstappen said, “Ever since I was seven years old, Formula One has been my career goal, so this opportunity is truly a dream come true. We’ve all worked tremendously hard to reach Formula One and I will give my absolute best to be successful in the pinnacle of motorsport “.

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