Lovers of Starbucks can get Free Food or Beverage for 30 years

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The reputed coffee brand is bringing back its ‘Starbucks for Life’ encouragement for the second year in succession. Image Courtesy –

Five fortunate Starbucks consumers are going to have an extremely ‘happy new year’. The reputed coffee brand is bringing back its ‘Starbucks for Life’ encouragement for the second year in succession.

Those who stay in U.S. can enter to win prizes in two different ways. Registered members of ‘My Starbucks Rewards’ can enter codes they get with each Starbucks buy in a “game” on ‘’. On the other hand, they can win instant items like bonuses, extra game pieces for their board to become winner of ‘Starbucks for life’.

The promotion has already been started from 8th December this year. Contestants are permitted to enter twice a day up to 11th January, 2016. The estimated prize money announced by the Starbucks is worth $54,275.

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Five individuals will win the top prize, while 25 individuals will win one year of free Starbucks, 125 will win a ‘month’s worth of joe’, and 500 will win a week’s worth. The credit finishes day by day, so tragically you can’t stack up a pack of lattes for a morning meeting or family get-together.

There were at least 14 winners in the last year competition. 10 winners were from the US, 3 from Canada and 1 from the UK. But, this year’s competition is much tougher. Only 7 individuals will be lucky to win – 5 winners from the US and 2 from Canada.

The amazing factor of the competition is that the ‘Starbucks for Life winners’ will get a ‘customized 10 carat gold card’ with their name on it as well as 1 Free Food or Beverage item everyday for the period of 30 years. Obviously the gold card would look pretty along with their ID and Mastercards.

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