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In Quest Of Eternity

  • By Madhusmita Ray |
  • Saturday, May 20th, 2017 |

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Life – is an enigma
Oscillating between certainty and uncertainty;
Entangled in the illusion of love and relation;
Unravelling the mystery,
Forgetting we live in deeds, not in years;
Puppets in the hands of divinity;
I am in quest of eternity.

A noble heart is priceless,
Knowledge is a great treasure,
I have none, but I feel I am blessed beyond measure;
Kissing the drops of rain,
Smelling the breeze of ocean;
Amazed by the touch of butterfly;
Is it not the wonder of divinity?
But, I am in quest of eternity.

Life and death play hide and seek every moment,
Do not wish to die unknown, unwept
Life – is a quick sand;
Sometimes a cruel mockery,
Knowing well death is the only certainty,
I am in quest of eternity.

Oh God in your love I find comfort,
In your creation I learn lesson,
Sharing, caring, sacrificing without expectation;
I do not want salvation;
In every birth I wish to serve humanity;
Then will I find eternity?

Oh God,
Make me a soul with simplicity,
Devoid of complexity,
Sympathy, trust, compassion, faith are the virtues;
I need in totality.

Oh God,
In them I see eternity.
May be, then my quest will be over and;
I will find eternity.

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Madhusmita Ray
Mrs. Madhusmita Ray (M.Com, Shastri, Acharya) has keen interest in Astrology, Numerology, Tantra, Religion and also has knack for creative writing, interior decoration, singing, photography etc.

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